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dude cover 2Dude! Volume 1 – Stories for Boys

Boys are unique. They love to read about people and objects in motion: rocket ships, animals, aliens , dinosaurs, time machines, hockey players, detectives …. The list is as unlimited as their imaginations.

Covering a range of genres, such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, and adventure, Dude! is an anthology for pre-teen and early teen boys that keeps objects in motion and reluctant readers engaged, entertained—and reading!

To check out excerpts from our stories click Excerpt – Firestorm Rescue – Dude! and Excerpt – Henry and the Time Machine – Dude!

Dude! is available at most online bookstores and can be purchased in paperback or ebook format. Here are some links: 



Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens

Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens

Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens is a compact introduction to writing stories and novels designed for young writers. Written writer-to-writer, Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens contains story planners, examples, and the information young writers need to help them create the stories they want to write.

Topics include the following:

• Starting a story
• Describing the setting
• Writing dialogue
• Planning a story
• Beating Writers’ block
• Describing characters
• Revising and editing
• PLUS over 50 writing prompts to get your story started.

Click here to read a review in Canadian Teacher Magazine.

To check out a sample chapter or two, click on the links below.

Chapter 5 – Where do I get ideas for stories?

Chapter 7 – Plotting Tips

You can find Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens at here.


Writing Fiction Second Edition

Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens

If you’re a teen writer, Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens, has the concise answers you need to your writing questions. Whether you’re at the beginning of your story or in the middle, or whether the words or flowing or you’re stuck for inspiration, you’ll find writing prompts, encouragement, concrete solutions to writing problems, tips for plotting, writing dialogue, characterization and more.

Reviewers of the first edition said:

“Writing Fiction is a bare-bones resource. If the information isn’t useful, it isn’t there. That is what makes it so valuable. Teens don’t have to wade through pages of padding to get to the good stuff. The book contains only the good stuff. Teens interested in writing will make good use of this book.”


CM: CANADIAN REVIEW OF MATERIALS, Manitoba Library Association

“This guide to writing fiction speaks directly to young writers and provides tools to help them become successful in their writing endeavours and to have fun doing so … The author’s love of writing and enthusiasm for sharing her expertise with young writers shines through this guidebook, making it a wonderful resource for young writers.”


To read a couple of sample chapters, please click here. You can purchase copies at here and here.


The Dragon's Pearl

The Dragon’s Pearl

Young ZiChan is fed up with his boring village life. On the annual hunt, he sneaks away from camp and gets more adventure than he bargained for. SuiTien, a dragon too weak and injured to resist, has been captured by the hunters, and he needs ZiChan to help him escape. The evil sorcerer, DaiMoSun, has stolen the dragon’s special pearl and plans to use its power to defeat the Emperor. ZiChan leaves village life behind, and he and SuiTien race against time to save the pearl and the empire.

Sample chapters are here.
The Dragon’s Pearl – Sample Chapters

For teachers and home schoolers, I’ve prepared a free teacher’s guide. Please send me a note using the email address under the Contact tab, and I’ll send you a copy as an attachment. The guide is a Word document that you can edit as you like to suit your students. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for other activities.

To buy the paperback or Kindle version of The Dragon’s Pearl, please drop by


The Dragon's Revenge

The Dragon’s Revenge

The Dragon’s Revenge

Following the events of The Dragon’s Pearl, ZiChan is settling into a peaceful life with YuQuan at the palace. His peace doesn’t last long.

The emperor is mysteriously ill, the future of the dragon’s kingdom is threatened, and the only person who can save both is ZiChan. A treacherous journey stands between him and the goal he must achieve.

To buy the paperback or Kindle version of The Dragon’s Revenge, please drop by

The teacher’s guide is still a work in progress!




Wild Dog Summer

Wild Dog Summer

Wild Dog Summer

A year has passed since the death of BJ (Betty Jane) Kelsey’s older brother in an impaired driving accident, and her family is having trouble moving on. As wild coydogs become a menacing presence in her community, BJ takes action to right wrongs and provide healing for her grieving parents, her brother’s best friend and herself.

Sample chapter here.


The Toymaker's Son

The Toymaker’s Son

Shy, quiet Linden Flanders doesn’t like to be the centre of attention, but when he steps on the hockey ice, he outshines everyone. Unfortunately, Linden’s reclusive father thinks hockey is a waste of time. During the course of one winter—and with the help of his friends, Thomas and BJ (from Wild Dog Summer), and his sister, Ardith – Linden finds a way to follow his heart, both on and off the ice.

Sample chapters here.


A reviewer of these two books said:

“Mills tackles important issues (underage drinking in Wild Dog Summer and parental dysfunction in both books) that should resonate with today’s readers.”

CM: CANADIAN REVIEW OF MATERIALS, Manitoba Library Association

You can find information about ordering these books here: Jean Mills, Writer


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